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Effective production control!

Smart Factory

Connected processes, enabling economical manufacturing of furniture in batch size are the key to success.


  • Approach and process transfer to production machines.
  • Feedback of machine data to the system
  • Comfortable parts list and processing plan in unlimited depth.
  • Simple and clear administration via tree strucured design.
  • Determination of quantities by rules and / or calculating formula
  • Quantity standards / day / department
  • Administration of multiple manufacturing sites
  • Production planning and controlling accompanied by making production papers and various evaluations available.
  • Outsourcing of production to external producers with external material and data transmission.
  • Calculation of capacity and material availability.
  • "Ready announcement" via bar code scan or RFID by department with automated material debiting as well as print of stock transfer receipts and dispatch labels.
  • Automated saving of production processses within the orders naming date / time - enabling precised information in the sales department.
  • Wide and detailed production information by displaying the percentage of the production process.