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Exact information about ORACLE® BI - solutions!

As ORACLE® GOLD-partner the BT-IT GmbH develops your specified evaluations together with your company and supports you with the realisations of profound suggestions for your daily business.

Encourage a data driven culture with powerful and visually attractive evaluations Discover new knowledge and estimations from staff member of the entire organisation to establish quicker decisions within your business.

ORACLE BI should be more than a mirror of the past. In the practical use ORACLE BI offers the opportunity to understand what is happening in the company right now and helps you to give targeted predictions.

Set up a strategic and practical platform with Oracle BI including the entire organisation and gain benefit of the agility of  Visual Analytics and Self-Service-Data Discovery, to display the performance of the company platform in a centralised administration concerning analysis in the benchmark, security and reliability.

Oracle is the only one combining agility and performance in a single platform!