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Cloud or inhouse?

Your decision!

Purchasing or rent – leasing or application on demand - reflex plus® offers a customised license plan.

We offer a wide number of customised license plans adjusted to your business in addition to the basic purchasing option. Use our software for your daily tasks and we will take care of the other things. The server operation in the datacentre or on-site, care of the database, updates, data backups and a secure access combined with an up-to-date anti-virus software are subject of our services.


 reflex plus® license plans:

  • reflex plus® - Standard to n-user and n-customers
  • reflex plus® - KmU to a maximum of 10 users per customer
  • reflex plus® - SaaS (Software as a Service) via datacentre – comfortable, flexible, secure
  • reflex plus® - PaaS (Platform as a Service) by maintained server made available by your company
  • reflex plus® - Leasing – ideal leasing conditions for your company
  • reflex plus® - Hire-Purchase– solvency gentle and predictable



Questions? – We are happy to help - give us a call.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales team under 04402 98201 40.